Realize Impossible: An Example of Our Capability

Almega Life Solutions, as one of its core principles, prides itself on our ability to create solutions were other insurance agents fall short.  In this blog post we share with you an example, as a case study, of our capability.

Recently, Almega Life Solutions was contacted by a Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant in central California.  His job assignment is Patrol.  He is additionally assigned to the Dive Team.  As a Law Enforcement Diver he is often tasked with evidence recovery, body recovery, and automobile recovery among other tasks.  The jurisdiction of his agency doesn’t have coastline but rather several large lakes.  Lake diving is not like ocean diving; usually with lake diving the visibility of the diver is very limited and non-existent at depth.

The Sergeant was looking to secure additional life insurance for his family over and above what he is capable of purchasing through work.  He was referred to Almega Life Solutions after being declined several times by life insurance companies.  He was declined because he is a Diver.  Diving, be it as a vocation or hobby, is extremely dangerous.  Life insurance companies will often flat decline or seriously increase the price of a seemingly standard life insurance policy.  The Sergeant, for his age (54), is extremely healthy; he does not smoke, or drink excessively, and exercises with regularity.  He does though chew tobacco.

In the eyes of the life insurance company he has three strikes against him.  (1) He’s a Police Officer, (2) He uses Tobacco, and (3) he is a SCUBA Diver.  It is no wonder other insurance agents were not able to get him insured.

Working with Prudential, Almega Life Solutions was ultimately able to secure the Sergeant a $500,000 term life insurance policy.  Not only were we able to secure him a policy but it was issued at Standard (Non-Smoker) Rates with no additional risk charge for diving.

Almega Life Solutions was successful in securing this policy for a couple reasons.  We work with Prudential frequently for people who use smokeless tobacco and/or cigars.  Prudential does not consider the use of smokeless tobacco or cigars the same way it does someone who smokes cigarettes.  Second, we made contact with one of Prudential’s senior underwriters whom we are acquainted with.  It was explained to the underwriter the care the Sergeant takes while diving in a law enforcement capacity.  His agency uses a full mask which allows for complete verbal communication underwater, divers always dive in teams, each diver has a spare emergency air tank, they dive with enriched nitrogen tanks, and there is always a 3rd diver on the surface acting as a rescue diver just in case.  After explaining the full situation to the Senior Underwriter, Prudential agreed to look at the case and ultimately agreed to insure the Sergeant at Standard Non-Tobacco rates.

We were extremely proud of the decision Prudential made on this case and were extremely proud of Prudential in their decision to support our nation’s law enforcement.