Helping Arizona Small Business Owners

Almega Life Solutions focuses the majority of its time working with Arizona Small Business Owners to introduce group health insurance plans. These are group health insurance plans which do not require the employer to pay for any portion of the employees premiums.

That’s right, Group Health Insurance at no direct cost to the employer!

When then President Obama got the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka ObamaCare, passed it created certain rules for employers with more than 50 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. The rules state an employer with more than 50 FTE employees must provide group health insurance which meets minimum essential coverage guidelines and certain affordability guidelines. What the ACA rules never did was create a requirement for employers with fewer than 50 FTE employees to offer health insurance; today most smaller employers do not offer group benefits to their employees.

Unfortunately most Arizona small business owners with fewer than 50 FTE employees think they are required to pay for at least 50% of the employee’s health insurance cost. This is simply not true. There is no requirement for the employer to even offer health insurance.

The reason this misunderstanding exists is due to rules of some of the large health insurance companies like United Healthcare (UHC) and Cigna. These large health insurance simply do not want two sets of rules so they by default force the smaller employer to comply with the larger employer.

Fortunately, there are several large health insurance companies which do not force the smaller employers to comply with the same rules as the larger employer. This is where Almega Life Solutions has found its niche.

Can you imagine the surprise when Arizona small business owners learn that they can offer a really good health insurance plan without having to pay for it?

While we help businesses of all sizes our focus is on the smaller employers with less than 50 FTE employees. Almega Life Solutions helps smaller employers install new top tier group health insurance plans which the employer is not required to pay for. We find the cost of the plans is about 1/3 less than an un-subsidized ObamaCare plan available thru This really benefits the owners of the company and the higher compensated who are not eligible for an ObamaCare subsidy because they make too much money.

The employees who are eligible for ObamaCare subsidies or AHCCCS (Arizona’s Medicare) are not disqualified from the assistance because the employer is not making the plan meet the ‘affordability’ definition.

With a Group Health Plan in place Almega Life Solutions also introduces world class Group Dental, Group Vision, and Group Life Insurance plans in addition in addition to a myriad of other ancillary benefits the employees find value in. One of the better ancillary benefits we introduce is a Group Short-Term Disability plan which provides a Paid Maternity benefit.

If you own a small business and feel the introduction of a Group Health plan would benefit your company please get in touch with me. I can be reached at (480) 442-5592 or send an email to