Life Insurance

Life Insurance comes in a number of shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately, purchasing insurance can be a very complex decision.  Almega Life Solutions has built a reputation around our core identity… Simplify Complex, Realize Impossible

Within our core identity Almega Life Solutions has also become a go-to resource for the impossible.  For more than a decade our team has been able to create insurance solutions when others fall short.

Life Insurance is our speciality!

Almega Life Solutions has the experience and resources to handle every aspect of your insurance needs.  With more than a decade of experience we have handled the basic term policy up to advanced estate planning life insurance applications.

Almega Life Solutions is one of the few truly independent insurance agencies in Arizona.  We work with dozens of insurance companies and have no allegiance to any one insurance company.  Additionally, Almega Life Solutions is capable to placing speciality risk life insurance in the international markets through Lloyd’s of London.

To contact Almega Life Solutions please call us directly at 480-442-5592 or send an email to  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Almega Life Solutions offers the following types of Life Insurance Policies:

    • Term Life Insurance
    • Universal Life Insurance
    • Indexed Universal Life Insurance
    • Whole Life Insurance
    • Final Expense Coverage
    • Life Insurance + Long Term Care Insurance Combo
    • Group Life Insurance

    Almega Life Solutions also offers life insurance for small/medium sized businesses as well as business owners such as key man insurance, buy sell agreement funding life insurance policies, 412i, voluntary group packages, and executive package life insurance.

    Please contact us if you would like to learn about the different types of insurance and how they are utilized.

  • Almega Life Solutions is paid a commission by the insurance company once the insurance policy is issued and premiums are received by the insurance company.  

    How much the commission is varies by company.  We work with a lot of different companies and as such we don’t pay attention to who pays what.  We use the insurance company which makes the most sense for the task at hand.

    Some insurance companies pay volume bonuses.  Again we don’t factor into our decision of which insurance company to recommend based on our incentives.  We do the right thing!

  • Once you select an insurance policy you wish you apply for we will send you an application to complete.  Typically we pre-fill as much information as we can, highlight those areas to be completed, and place tabs where signatures are required.  The application is sent to you with a pre-paid priority mail envelope to return it to Almega Life Solutions once completed.  In certain instances the application will completed in person with Almega Life Solutions or sent to you to be completed electronically.

    Upon return receipt of your application we will scrub through the application for areas which may need further clarification, errors, and completeness.

    From there you will receive a telephone call from a nurse or paramedic who will come to your house, or wherever you are comfortable, to complete a quick medical exam (height, weight, blood pressure, and blood draw).  The cost of this exam is paid for by the insurance company.  If any supporting documentation is required from your doctor we will order this information as well.  Life Insurance policies with higher death benefits may request additional medical underwriting (ie. EKG, Stress Test, etc.).

    With everything completed the insurance company will review the insurance application and medical underwriting and make a decision to issue the policy as applied, issue at a higher or lower rate, or decline the coverage.  From there you will make the decision to accept the policy or not.

    If you accept the policy, you will then be required to pay the initial premium and/or send in automatic draft information.  Many insurance companies will now accept credit card for payment and monthly draft.  Please note Almega Life Solutions does not typically collect monies with the application as this gives you the ability to accept or reject the policy before the insurance company issues the insurance policy.

  • When insurance companies issue a life insurance policy they will either issue the policy as applied for, issue at a higher rate or lower rate, or decline coverage.

    In cases when the insurance company issues the policy at a higher rate than applied for or declines the policy you will be provided with their reason.  Also you will be given all of the information the insurance company used to make its determination.  Often times we will “shop” the information provided back to you with other insurance companies.

    Just because you are rated higher or declined doesn’t mean you are doomed to pay higher rates or will never get coverage.  This simply means your application did not fit who the insurance company wants to issue policies to.  For example, certain insurance companies we work with will issue insurance policies to US Navy fighter pilots at phenomenal rates when others companies will decline the coverage.

    Fortunately we know which companies don’t like certain jobs and health risks and which ones to avoid.  We also know which insurance companies work better for certain situations like estate planning, or Life + LTC combo insurance.  Hopefully we can save the time upfront.

    If you do get declined, or rated a higher premium, don’t take it personally.  It just means we are going to have work a little harder to find the right fit.

  • Yes and no.  

    Some insurance companies for example don’t like to insure police officers while others love to insure them.  Often times the insurance just doesn’t understand the risks the occupation carries and shys away from those professionals.

    There are certain professions which are simply going to require paying more money for life insurance.  Examples are:  Deployed Military Personnel, International Military Contractors, Hyperbaric Welders, and Alaskan Crab Fisherman.  

    Fortunately, Almega Life Solutions prides itself on its ability to help clients Realize Impossible.  We know which companies accept certain occupations and which companies do not.  Plus our track record for helping get insurance for risk professions speaks highly of our professionalism.

    • Private Pilots
    • SCUBA Divers
    • Skydiving
    • Base Jumping
    • Hang Gliding
    • Mountain Climbing

    These are a few of the hobbies most life insurance companies try to steer away from or rate at higher premiums.  Almega Life Solutions knows which companies to place clients with if they have a high risk hobby.  One of our core identities is to help clients Realize Impossible.  As such we pride ourselves on helping clients obtain a life insurance when it was previously thought impossible or too expensive.

  • Almega Life Solutions has years of experience using life insurance to provide various solutions.  Often times life insurance companies will create unique names for these solutions for marketing purposes.  Some of these concepts are unique to Almega Life Solutions while others are not.  For individuals and families some of the unique programs offered are:

    • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT)
    • International Travel Term Life Insurance
    • Life Insurance + Long-Term Care Insurance Combo
    • Bond Replacement Strategies
    • Life Insurance as an Asset Class
    • Alimony & Child Support Continuation
    • Homemaker Life Insurance
    • Failure to Survive Insurance
    • College Funding (Outside of FAFSA)
    • Specialized Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers
    • High Limit Accident (Up to $100 Million)
    • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
    • Final Expense Life Insurance
    • IRA Reboot
  • Below is a partial list of life insurance companies represented as well as critical illness, disability, and long-term care insurers and annuity companies Almega Life Solutions represents.  Many of the life insurance companies represented offer limited distribution (available through highly qualified agents) life insurance and annuity products — those with limited distribution products are listed below in italics.  With numerous carriers to choose from, Almega Life Solutions works to carefully match each client’s needs with the solution best addressing their goals.

    • Allianz
    • Allianz Preferred
    • American General (AIG)
    • American National
    • American Equity
    • Assurity
    • Athene
    • AXA Equitable
    • Banner
    • Equitrust
    • Fidelity & Guarantee
    • Forethought
    • Genworth
    • Great American
    • ING / Voya
    • Lincoln National
    • John Hancock
    • Legal & General
    • Lloyd’s of London
    • Minnesota Life
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • Nationwide
    • North American Company
    • Principal
    • Protective
    • Prudential
    • Sagicor
    • Securian
    • Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts (SBLI)
    • Transamerica
    • United of Omaha
    • West Coast Life
    • William Penn
    • Zurich