Insurance Solutions for the Salon and Spa Industry

Almega Life Solutions has partnered with Colonial Life to create customized Supplemental Insurance Solutions for the Salon and Spa Industry.  Salon owners may offer these benefits to their employees on a payroll deduction basis at no cost to the salon.  Additionally, Independent Hairstylists, Skin Care Professionals, and Massage Therapists, may use these unique coverages to reduce their financial burden in the event of an accident or sickness.

Paid Maternity Leave  |  Accident  |  Disability  |  Cancer  |  Critical Illness  |  Dental  |  Life Insurance





More isn’t always better. When it comes to understanding insurance, there are really just five pieces of information you should know: What it is, what it covers, what it costs, what it will pay out and what it may exclude.

Injury prone?  Weekend warrior?  Have children who play sports?  When an unexpected injury happens, accident insurance can help offset costs that are not covered by your medical plan.  The benefit is paid directly to you, in addition to whatever is covered by your health insurance policy, and can be used for out-of-pocket costs like co-pays, deductibles and other expenses.

Disability insurance is protection for the thing that matters most — your ability to earn an income.  Sometimes referred to as paycheck protection, this insurance can replace a portion of your income if you are unable to work because of the birth of a new child (maternity leave), any covered injury, or an illness.

Critical Illness
Critical illness insurance offers you a lump-sum benefit when you are initially diagnosed with a serious condition such as a heart attack, cancer, stroke. It can help pay for expenses your health plan isn’t designed to cover.  Most plans offer family options to help protect your spouse or children, as well.

Dental insurance provides the same benefit amounts with any dentist you choose and covers a variety of dental procedures, from routine cleanings to more advanced procedures, such as crowns and root canals.  Additional savings are available by visiting a network dentist.  Coverage for Orthodontia & Vision is available as well.

Life Insurance
Life insurance can help provide financial protection for your family when you or a loved one passes away.

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