Solutions for the Salon & Spa Industry

Our Background

Almega Life Solutions is the #1 group benefits consultant for the salon & spa industry in Arizona.  

Sarah Wisda is the former co-owner of Aura Salon & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Aura was named one of the Top 200 Salons in North America by Salon Today Magazine from 2008 to 2016.  One way in which Aura consistently ranked high on the Top 200 list was due to the benefits programs offered to its team members.  

With Almega Life Solutions she brings this unique perspective to other salon & spa owners looking to improve their retention, recruitment, and culture.

Our clients in the salon & spa industry range from small Barbershops, to Franchise Salons, Commission Based Salons, Massage Therapy Studios, all the way to one of the largest booth rental salons in Phoenix/Scottsdale.

Our Unique Offering

Almega Life Solutions has the the unique ability to introduce a true group health insurance program through a major health insurance company specifically for the salon & spa industry.  We partnered with the health insurance company to give the salon & spa industry in Arizona the ability to offer group insurance products competitive with other industries.

The group health insurance program for the salon & spa industry does not require the employer to contribute any monies toward the individual employees cost of health insurance.  Additionally, the program does not enforce participation rules; this means if only 10 stylists in a 80 station salon sign up for health insurance the insurance company will accept the group.  Finally, health insurance can be offered to hourly, commission, and even rental stylists — it does not matter what your structure is.

In addition to health insurance we can introduce other benefits like group dental, vision, paid maternity, and pre-tax child care programs. 

Our Successes

  • First Booth Rental Benefits Program in Arizona

    In 2016, Almega Life Solutions created the first group benefits program for an all rental salon in Phoenix.  This allowed booth rental stylists the ability to purchase health insurance at group rates.  Because insurance company doesn't require the owner of the salon to contribute any monies toward the booth renter's health insurance premiums this is a benefit the owner is able to offer were other rental salons do not.  Not only has this changed the culture of the salon but gives the salon a recruiting advantage over other rental salons nearby.

  • Disability Insurance for the Salon & Spa Industry

    In 2016, Almega Life Solutions worked to create the first short term disability insurance program specifically for the salon & spa industry in Arizona.  The program is offered directly to all stylists, massage therapists, estheticians, and nail techs in Arizona.  Uniquely this disability insurance program has a paid maternity benefit built into it.  Prior to this there was no short term disability or maternity program available for the salon & spa industry outside of a program offered by a specific salon/spa.  This program is available for purchase directly thru Almega Life Solutions.

  • Group Health at No Cost to the Salon/Spa

    Recognizing the need for the salon & spa industry to be able to offer group health insurance benefits, Almega Life Solutions approached the executives of a major health insurance company.  Our goal was to offer health insurance which the owner of the salon/spa didn't have to spend any money.  We recognize the margins in the salon & spa industry are very tight so for the salon/spa owner to offer benefits we knew the costs would have to be paid by the stylists.  Prior to creating this a salon/spa wishing to offer benefits was forced to pay at least 1/2 of the health insurance premiums.